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Cutting-edge Wedding Jewelry Fashion for Your Cutting-edge Wedding

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By Mischa Leonne

Should men wear wedding rings? And, what about engagement rings? Women wear them-does this mean that men should agree to wear them too? I have always worn rings, but sometimes I will go out without them on. But, I can see how some men, who have never worn a ring, would not want to wear one after getting married. I also think if you trust someone it should not really matter whether your partner wants to wear a ring or not.

Men's wedding rings are somewhat of a new phenomenon. Most likely your fathers do not wear wedding rings but your friends do. In the United States it was very rare for a groom to receive a ring before World War II.

Which finger is the ring worn on, and why? Generally a man's wedding band is worn on the ring finger, the same as for women. The ring finger, for those unmarried men not familiar with the concept, is the fourth finger of the left hand. This is considered to be the finger closest to the heart.

Men's wedding rings have become increasingly more common since that time. Today it is probably as common for a newly married man to wear a ring as not. This may be due to several factors. The modern man may consider it his duty to choose to make the same public marital statement as his wife will. And his wife may well consider it a condition of the marriage that he do so. After all, in these days of equality, if she is prepared to make a statement then should he not do so as well?

If you think of jewelry as something only for women and girls, fear not. Your ring need not be effeminate. Most men's rings are simple wide bands that would never be confused with women's jewelry. On the contrary, such a ring can add to the width and look of strength of your hands. Ask your jeweler to assist you with styles that will be the most flattering and tasteful worn on your particular hand.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Best Five Reasons For Tanzanite Rings

Tanzanite has posseTanzanite has posse (Photo credit: sevenblock)
By John S Stewart

My Introduction

In 1967 under the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, the tanzanite gemstone was first discovered. The tanzanite jewellery made, in forms that represent those such as tanzanite rings, were then massively marketed, especially originally by Tiffany & Co. who brought it to the attention of all the gem trade. This ensured that it has become one of the most popular of crystals that you will be seen wearing today.

Because it has only been discovered in relatively modern times, it is certainly a new addition to the various families of gemstones. But, please make sure that the modern mythology that suggests you have to be the most confident of individuals to wear it, does not put you off.

If you do have any doubt regarding the purchasing of this gem, then these factors may tempt you to go ahead and buy.

5 Great Reasons

1. Tanzanite Colour

They are known to show off a phenomena known as pleochroism, or trichroism. Whereby it remarkably will show varying shades of blue, violet and burgundy, depending on which point it is viewed through. Similarly, it will also show these colours off more intense at different times if viewed under different light sources, such as candlelight, sunlight or florescent light types.

2. Tanzanite Birthstone

If you are born in the month of December, then recently the tanzanite is the gemstone that has been allocated for you.

3. Legend

Throughout history, this gem has been said to be able to help fight off various skin diseases and help strengthen both the mind and body.

4. Anniversary Stone

If you want to celebrate any anniversaries connected to 24 years, then tanzanite is the crystal for you to buy.

5. Tanzanite Investment

It is well known that it has been suggested there are only a few years of mining left, due to demand outstripping supply. So, it is probably the better bet when it comes to investing in jewellery.


Because the Tanzanite stone is relatively softer when compared to some other precious stones, it is always quite a terrific idea if you were to remove, for example, your white gold tanzanite rings, if there could be a chance of damaging them by knocking or scratches. Likewise, if you want to clean them, please do it carefully. Remove them if they are likely to be exposed to extreme temperatures, also store them carefully when desired.

If you have looked at purchasing Tanzanite Jewellery previously, you will probably already understand the colour grading system that ranges from "A" (paler blues) up to "3 x A" (dark blue/violets). The most sought after and valuable will always be of a darker central blue nature and have a thin outer edge "halo" of lighter purple/violet. Certain jewellery traders try to sell stones as being of a "4 x A" grade, but this was undoubtedly only born from the miners who when they excavated in their eyes the truly best of gems, decided to Christen them with this prefix. Smaller sized gems will always look pale, no matter what their official classification, due the fact that their size means they do not "hold" colour as well as do the bigger examples.

Surely, all the people who are lucky enough to possess any variety of Tanzanite Rings, will hopefully be of the personality that as previously mentioned allows them to wear them with complete confidence. In doing so, you will surely make even the very best of friends just a little envious!

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Diamond Ring: The Great Choice for Your Engagement and Wedding Ring

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By Widi Afriawan

When you are planning your wedding or engagement, of course the most important think to think is rings. The rings that will be a symbol of your relation with your loved of course must be special and nice. Most of woman of course wishes to have the best the best ring for her important occasion. Choosing diamond rings is the best choice as the wedding rings. Most of women prefer diamond rings for wedding rings and engagement rings.
Diamond rings are very popular because it has beautiful and elegant looking. In addition, these rings are also the most expensive rings from other rings such as gold, silver, ruby, etc. Diamond actually is available in many types. Each type has its own price. These rings are also available in various shapes. You can choose the shape that best suit to your need. The diamond rings are only sold in a limited jewelry stores. Not all of the jewelry stores are selling diamond rings because it is very expensive and unaffordable. Just rich people that are usually can reach these elegant rings.
One of the most popular shapes for diamond wedding rings are diamond rings. The shapes of these rings are simple but provide luxuriousness and elegance, so it makes everyone who wears this ring look more beautiful and elegance.
When you want to buy a pair of diamond rings, you are usually will be offered many type shapes of diamond rings. The diamond is commonly available in round shape, emerald, oval, cushion, and princess. To choose what the best shape of diamond, you can choose it according to your desire. Each people have their own taste to choose the best shape of diamond for their rings.
One of the most popular diamond jewelry is diamond jewelry. You can find a wide selection of diamond rings that best suit for you. Many people love to buy diamond jewelry because it has good quality jewelry and diamond. The price of Diamond Ring itself is also varied. You can buy the diamond rings that suit to your budget. Most of them are expensive and unaffordable.
In addition, if you don't like to the model and type of diamond rings that are available, you can determine to make your own shape. Some of jewelry shop sometimes offering service to make your own shape of diamond rings you wants. Sure, this will give you opportunity to get unique rings for your wedding.

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